Thursday, January 31, 2008

We are playing soccer with Miiku and the neighbor boys and dog. Miiku is one of the dogs we watch regularily. Watch how the neighbor boy has to rescue his little brother from being closelined by Miiku's tie-out.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2007 snappers & and company-TJ's evil brother Tut

Summer brought some very interesting firsts. While crappie fishing a monster painted turtle got its shell hooked by my line. My chrome-gray rod looked like an upside down 'J' as I brought him up onto the dock. I noticed that his front right and back left claws were missing (probably due to dogfish,pike, or bass). We hadn't brought a bucket, so, we drove home while I braved his claws (and jaws). At home we got a good bucket, filled it with water, put the brute in, and headed back to the docks. Dougy Dogfish snapped a line once again (each time we go fishing Dougy snaps a line). Tiki brings in a 1-2 lb. turtle. Moments later I reeled in a 1/2 pounder. Their names are: Ed, Edd, and Eddy(in order of catching). Immeadiately we had problems. Edd and Eddy wouldn't eat. Ed, however, did eat. Turtle food? All natural. Minnows (bought by our mom at the bait store) live and wriggling, worms (our grandma got those for fishing, but we improvised) creepy and crawling, and fingers (I made that part up, though it did come close), were all a part of his diet. Edd and Eddy were released where they were caught 3 days later. Ed stayed to put a dent in the bait population while hissing at those who challenged his authority (and snapping). When food ran out he was released a eigth of a mile away from his comrades.