Monday, April 7, 2008

Snow Day

What do you do when you get twelve inches of snow in April and you'd rather be bike riding? Roll a giant snow ball, of course!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Game Time

Since having new baby in the house, it's been more difficult to get out to be with friends. So, we started hosting Game Time at out house. We do some indoor board games and then some outdoor games. It's great fun and we have some wonderful faithful friends who are always up for adventures.
Board games with friendsleads to more board games with family and the cat. Chicky just got a Yatzee.
Next week we're hosting Latin Pictionary. We picked easy to draw words from the first 10 Lessons of Latina Christiana and wrote them on little cards. We'll divide the teams based on age and Latin experience. There should be at least three on each team. The artists for each team will choose a card and get help from the adults if they don't know the Latin word. Then the artists will draw for their teams. We'll use similar rules to pictionary; no letters, numbers or symbols but gestures are okay. The first team to guess the word either in Latin or English will then have the chance spell the word in Latin correctly. The team will move one space or point for the correct English word, another point for the Latin word and a third point for spelling it correctly in Latin. We can use the pictionary board and timer to keep track. It should be fun and a great way to introduce and practice Latin.