Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pileated Plastic Bag Family

We have seen many pileated wood peckers in our woods. I had never seen one up close until moving here. They are very shy birds and usually fly away before we can get very close. My new camera has a great zoom. Above, the woodpecker is drinking from a mud puddle.Typically, pileated woodpeckers don't come to feeders but they have been coming to our suet tied to the back deck. They are so big compared to the nuthatches and chickadee's that usually show up. Woody the Woodpecker is a pileated wood pecker.
Did I tell you Bud has a plastic bag facination? Here he is wallowing in plastic bags. He was sad to go home last week.
Our family- Sort of. Dad, Mom and three kids. Clearly the heights are not well represented. This is a fun little magnet toy that my dad gave the boys. They had outgrown but I kept it around because I liked it. Now Amanda is enjoying it.
I remember reading when my boys were young that often times parents think their children have attention problems because they run around from one toy to the next and get into trouble. The article said that the problem was not finding something that would hold the child's attention, but rather the child was trying to find something that would hold the parent's attention.
These little magnets hold my attention.

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